Our Non-Removable Privacy Filters Make Compliance Simple

Maximize visual privacy with the Private Eye™ Monitor.  Protect sensitive data on the computer screen and comply with federal privacy regulations impacting Medical, Education, Financial, Government, and IT/Security sectors. Reduce risk of hefty fines and penalties associated with the exposure of sensitive and confidential protected information.

Out Of The Box Privacy

3M Privacy Filter is custom installed under the monitor’s bezel, providing a tamperproof privacy solution. Privacy filters locked into your monitor can’t be removed by annoyed staff, exposing you to liability.

Tamper Proof

Ensure that you are always compliant with federal privacy legislation with a privacy filter that is installed under the monitor’s bezel. Protect critically important data by obscuring views from any angle, except direct line-of-sight, with a filter that can not be removed!

Provide Your Own Monitors

Man & Machine can retrofit existing monitors to include the 3M Privacy Filter under the bezel. Our expertise in customization allows us to bring the benefits of Private Eye™ to your existing computer monitor.*
* May impact manufacturer monitor warranty of non-partner brands.

Samsung, Dell & 3M Authorized

Man & Machine works closely with Samsung and Dell to ensure that your monitor warranty is not voided when we install the 3M Privacy Filter.

Private Eye™ Monitor Features

The Man & Machine Private Eye™ Monitor is a high quality LCD monitor with a built-in 3M Privacy Filter, which obscures critically important data from any angle except direct line-of-sight of the computer operator.
• Prevents casual observation of electronic Personal Health Information (ePHI)
• Integrated 3M Privacy Filter under the monitor’s bezel provides a tamper-proof privacy solution

• Provides visual security on monitors
• Blocks unauthorized viewers from seeing information from side views. Users see clearly when viewing directly in front of the display
• Anti-reflective coating reduces glare for more effective viewing
• Additional layer of monitor screen protection
• Supports compliance with Federal Privacy Legislations impacting Healthcare, Education, Financial, and Government sectors